Dave’s Salmon Bites

This recipe was reluctantly given up by Dave Corbin, the master chef at Mission Lodge and is the most requested recipe between both lodges! Sorry Dave, but your adoring public is threatening to riot if we do not give it up.

Like any great recipe, this is a tinker and taste as you go type deal. Once you have it ready, you will need to cook a piece, taste and alter to taste. The perks of being the chef!

diced salmon (amount determined by the size of your dinner party)
– equal parts flour and brown sugar (to coat)
salt and pepper
Johnny’s seasoning salt or sub lawry’s
Old Bay seasoning
– mix in bowl 45 min before frying.

Stir occasionally. add more flour if necessary. The salt should pull the moisture out of the salmon creating a paste. deep fry in oil at 375 degrees. Fry one piece to check seasoning. Add more brown sugar or spice as needed. The sweet and salty should balance out.Fry 2-3 minutes, drain briefly on paper towels and serve with your favorite BBQ sauce.