A Holiday Treat

It is hard to know what to do on the traditional holiday table to keep it fresh. The amount of work always seems prevent us from spicing up a great family get together. What I like to do is to upgrade one of the condiments to add some excitement to the plate without going out of bounds of tradition.

I suggest that cranberry sauce is a awesome candidate. I must admit to loving the ringed can look but lto be honest it is rather bland.

I suggest a great cranberry chutney full of the fall and holiday flavors and a couple of surpises.

one eight ounce can of cranberry sauce w/whole cranberrys

one tart apple granny smith peeled and chopped

2tbls sugar

1tsp cinnamon or preferably one stick broken

pinch lemon zest

optional a touch of sage for a savory balance

1/4 cup apple juice unsweetened

optional bit of pinapple chunks

simmer med heat till thoroughly combined add three quater inch pads of butter

mix 1/2 teaspoon corn starch with 1tablespoon cold water add to chutney simmer for fifteen minutes

should have a loose preserve like texture.

Enjoy this holiday treat and Happy Holiday to all of the Rytful family and guests

Chef Peter