Glacier Tours

La Conte Glacier
Cruise up the Inside Passage to Alaska’s southmost glacier. The wonderful day trip holds plenty of excitement. See whales, seals and other wildlife as you motor up through the islands. Stop and fish for halibut or salmon.

The glacier is borne from mountains over ten thousand feet, carving a beautiful fjord as it heads toward saltwater. The ice pack at the base of the glacier acts as an early season rookery for Harbour Seals and thier pups. We can take some kayaks along for a more advanced paddle through the icebergs. Bring plenty of film on the trip adventure (thank God for digital cameras).

Petersburg, Alaska
Visit the quaint town of Petersburg, Alaska. This little fishing village is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and has not yet been over run by the cruise ship culture. There’s an Information Center, located at the harbormasters office at the town dock, and a Visitor’s Center and the Clausen Memorial Museum located just a few blocks away. There are some clothing stores and gift shops, Sons of Norway Hall has a good crafts store, there’s an art gallery, a cafe to grab a great cup of coffee, and historic Sing Yee Alley is nearby.

Take a walk north of town to where you can get a good look at Wrangell Narrows and the rapid tides that pour through it. At times the tidal current swirls past the faces of the the cannery docks at some 5 knots or better – making for very challenging ‘landings’ for the heavily laden fishing vessels that dock here.