There many different hiking options. There are numerous improved trails on our island, plus many more trails on some of the various out islands.

Cavern Lake Trail: POW
Cavern Lake is located about 15 minutes from our dock. It’s a pristine lake that feeds water from the Upper 108 tributary underneath the ground into a large cavern, then spills into a series of waterfalls to become Lower 108 creek. A short trail runs from just south of the lake to the cavern where a small wooden platform is situated directly above the creek.  This area is ideal for photo opportunities, berry picking, and for getting familiar with the flora and fauna of Whale Pass.  There is another short trail that branches off from the platform and leads you further down along the creek.

Beaver Falls Trail: POW
This is one of the newest Forest Service trails in our area. There is a inviting yellow-cedar boardwalk through an ancient muskeg. There are wonderful interpretive signs along the way to explain the complex karst system that is so prevelant in our area.

Some of the more remote trail systems in SE Alaska are reached by boat. These trails can only be reached by float plane, boat or an incredibly long hike (just to get to the trailhead). Ancient old growth forests and good stream fishing are on your agenda, these are a must see.